Admissions & Prospectus

We are an inclusive academy and we welcome pupils and parents of all backgrounds and faiths. Our approach to admissions is detailed below. Please do contact us if you require any further advice and support.

Reception Admissions!

We’d love to welcome to you Trinity Academy St Peter’s. If you’d like to tour our academy, contact us to book a time that suits you. Contact us to book a tour!

We can take up to 15 children to Reception. Parents wishing to apply for a place in Reception should complete the form online at the Calderdale Admissions website.

How to apply

Reception applications are now closed.


Click APPLY NOW to begin your application process which will be carried out via the Calderdale Council website.

Contact us if you have missed the application deadline –

Set up an account on the Calderdale Council website.

You are required to set up your account before making your application choices. Keep your login information safe for the future as you will need this to find out what school your child has been allocated to.

Choose your top 5 primary schools and order them from your first choice to your last.

We recommend putting 5 schools on the form as this will give you a greater chance of getting the school you want. If you’re accepted to more than one school, you will receive a place at your preferred school – i.e your first choice.

  • Remember to check that all 5 schools are within your catchment area.

You can view or amend the online application throughout the preferencing period.

Reception places will be made on National Offer Day, 16 April 2024.

If you apply online (via the instructions above) you will receive an email with your child’s offer. If you apply any other way, you will get your offer via post within a few days after the official offer day.

In-Year Transfers

Are you interested in applying for a place at Trinity Academy St Peter’s?

Calderdale Council co-ordinate in-year applications for our school. Any requests for an in-year transfer should be made using the application form below.

The Calderdale Council website outlines all of the information you need to apply for an in-year place, however, please do feel free to contact us with any questions.

If our academy receives multiple applications for in-year transfers, students will be selected using our oversubscription criteria that you can find listed in our Admission Policy. We will notify all applicants of the outcome within fifteen school days of the in-year transfer application. If your in-year transfer was unsuccessful, we will inform you of the reasons and your rights to appeal to an independent appeal panel. All applicants will be added to a waiting list until the end of the current academic year.


If your child is not offered a place at our school, you can appeal via the Calderdale Council website.

You are entitled to appeal when you wish your child to attend a particular school. An appeal is successful if the panel agree that the reasons for your appeal outweigh the school’s decision not to admit any more children.

Virtually Tour our Academy!

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Trinity Scholars

Trinity Scholar students benefit from an additional investment of up to £6000

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