Trinity Academy St Peter’s understands its responsibilities towards child protection and safeguarding and student safety is our highest priority. We are committed to ensuring that students feel safe in their education and if we suspect that a child has been harmed, or may come to harm, we will take action to safeguard and protect that child. Child protection trained staff are available to discuss any concerns or questions you may have. These staff are:

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL): Mathew Brown (Principal)
  • Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL): Lydia Greenwood (Assistant Principal)
  • Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL): Claire Tetley (Pastoral Officer)

The DSL also takes responsibility for reporting any concerns to the relevant bodies under our legal duty so that they may be addressed. We also have in place a range of policies and procedures to support our safeguarding commitment. This includes our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and a trust-wide Whistleblowing policy.

Useful Safeguarding Links

Part of our role is to educate children and young people on how to keep themselves safe, either online, using mobile technology as well as to understand what is considered abuse. There are links to external sites below that provide help and advice for parents and carers, as well as students themselves.

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